Sandee Connors-Rowe

Artist and Owner

Have you ever decided not to wear your jewelry because it would get in the way of something you planned to do?

Our lives seem to get busier every day! Expressing your unique style and creativity takes a backseat to other “more important” tasks.

My goal is to create designs that fit into your life.  All too often our responsibilities take precedence over our personal creativity and expression. Have you ever taken your rings off while typing, or had the chain of a necklace break because it was not strong enough for your daily activities?  Whether it is working long hours at the office, running after your kids or carrying loads of groceries from the store, large statement or loose-fitting accessories are not always practical for every day life.

Why is it important that jewelry fits into my life?

I have always loved jewelry! The sparkle and color of semi-precious stones, the shine of silver and gold, the texture created by combining a variety of high quality materials have always fascinated me.  I designed and made my first piece of jewelry (a 14k gold ring) in a high school art class and I was hooked!  Jewelry became a way for me to express myself each day.  Through jewelry I was able to express my individuality.  It helped me to feel confident and gave me a sense of being fully ready to tackle my day.

Initially the pieces I chose to wear tended to be large and bold but as my life progressed and I found that, although beautiful, large and bold accessories no longer fit into my life.  I distinctly remember one day, when I was trying to comfort my son, I ended up accidentally hitting him in the head with my engagement ring instead.  I found myself wearing that ring less and less preferring to wear just my wedding band.  My long layered necklaces sat in the jewelry box along with my chandelier earrings.  I no longer wanted to take off my bangle bracelets to work at my computer.  I was too busy to bother with accessories that got in the way of my active life even if they were beautiful.  But that left a void… I no longer had the daily outlet of expression that I enjoyed so much.

Do you feel a void of creativity and self-expression in your life too?

I started to design pieces that gave me the freedom to express my love of color and texture, intricate detail and my appreciation for high quality materials that would still allow me to participate fully in all the activities I needed to do each day.  Designing and wearing jewelry that is not only beautiful but DELICATE AND STRONG, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain is how I have filled that void for myself.

In 2016 I created Adene Jewelry Designs.  “Adene” is a phonetic spelling of the Hebrew word for “delicate”.  It speaks to the elegant, classic style of my work.    Adene Jewelry Designs allows me to share my vision of women able to express their own unique style with beautiful jewelry that can stand up to their active lifestyle.

What gets lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life is our…creativity, self expression and unique style.

I’m here to help you accessorize your life. Let’s get started.

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